Gold City Gem Mine

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Gem Mining
Gem Mining

Come mine one of several types of buckets here at Gold City, Franklin, North Carolinia. ALL GEM DIRT IS MINED FROM OUR 40 ACRES PROPERTY BEHINED GOLD CITY , FRANKLIN, NC We have both Native and Enriched Gemstone buckets.  After mining, bring your rough stones in to our on-site professional jeweler for free inspection.  You can also have your stones cut and mounted in to a variety of gold and silver mounts for a beautiful souvenir. 

*Our buckets contain: rubies, sapphires, citrine, silver topaz, garnet, amethyst, emeralds, iolite, tourmaline, ametrine, and peridot.   

Gold City's famous and most popular North Carolina Gem Bucket includes one cut gemstone, ready to be mounted.

Most of our gems can be tumbled with one of GOLD CITY'S TUMBLERS purchased in the Rock Shop.

We also sell our world famous NORTH CAROLINA BUCKET to go as a bucket or a kit with screen if you want to take Gold City home with you.

* Not all buckets contain all the gemstones listed.

Child Mining Picture
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